Update Texture 1.0.1 (maya script)

Auto update your file nodes in Maya inside Photoshop


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Oct 31, 2009 / Oct 31, 2009


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Update Texture v1.0.1

- 1.0.1
    - Fixed psd reload function.
    - Updated instruction page.
    - Added warning function if the user specified an invalid file.

- 1.0.0
    - Hello World!

A simple tool to auto update your file nodes in Maya using Photoshop.  This tool works with tga, jpg, psd, etc.. The basic idea is to load a texture file (or multiple texture files) in Photoshop hit F12 (watch the video tutorial) and skadoosh your texture is updated in Maya.  This tool is useful for the Static, Character, Environment, Weapon, and Vehicle Team.

1. Append the code below in your C:\Users\XXX\Documents\maya\2010\scripts\userSetup.mel

//    CODE
string $portName = "localHost:10001";
if( !`commandPort -q $portName` )
    catch( `commandPort -n $portName` );

2. Extract MayaPort.bat and MayaPort.exe in C:/
** If you extract these two files somewhere else the javascript
is not going to work, because it's hard-coded. **

3. Extract UpdateTexture.js and nnUpdateTexture.mel in:

4. Open Photoshop and create an action script (watch the video tutorial).

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