poseLib 6.2.3 (maya script)

A script to record poses for your characters.


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Sep 12, 2006 / Jul 26, 2012


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linux, mac, windows




2012, 2011, 2013


poses, animation

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Date Priority Title Status
05/11/10 High No longer works in Maya 2011 Closed
06/21/10 High update 4.5 beta1 - only renders blue balls to poses Closed
07/23/10 Low Pose Vanishing Pending
09/09/10 High Renaming Crashes Maya Closed
10/19/10 High Refrences not working properly? Closed
10/30/10 Medium Select Pose Controls Closed
02/10/11 High Cannot get UI to show up Pending
07/11/11 High Applying a pose only to one specific channel doesn't work Pending
01/02/12 Medium Cant save pose Pending
01/03/12 High missing importing the pythonLibModule Pending
01/03/12 Low do not work in m2012 Pending
01/09/12 Low error Pending
01/09/12 Medium NameError Pending
01/14/12 High name error again Pending
02/25/12 High NameError again again Pending
02/16/12 Medium The Error " # Error: NameError: name 'poseLibModule' is not defined " Pending
03/01/12 Medium # Error: NameError: name 'poseLibModule' is not defined Pending
03/24/12 High Number of poses increase but the icons of poses don't show up. Pending
12/30/12 High The PoseLib is not working in Maya2013 Pending
04/21/13 Low In maya2014 , the botton (a pose) can't delete Pending
08/04/14 High # Error: NameError: name 'poseLibModule' is not defined Pending