Toon Boy Rig 1.0.0

Toon boy is a full biped rig with detail facial setup

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Dec 08, 2011 / Jun 03, 2012


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maya, Toon boy Rig, character animation, cartoony

Toon Boy Full Biped Rig 


                       IK/FK Switchable Arms and Legs
                       IK/FK Arms and legs with Stretch and  Squash
                       Ribbon Setup in both Arms and Legs
                       IK/FK Spine and additional FK Spine Controls
                       Stretch Auto Lock

                       Nose and Ears seperate control
                       with Ears contoler having stretch and squash
                       Individual finger controlers along with attributes
                       Detail Facial Interface along with face morphin and
                       flexibility to scale the head up and down
                       Seperate controler for each body part to scale up and down
                       from skinny to fatty. 

Toon Boy is here and its ready to animate ,this rig is upto the level of production work, so i try my best to give you the best. If you any suggestion or ideas about this rig you r always welcome. so don't hesitate to post one! And I would also like to see any animations you come up with using this rig so feel free to let me know. 

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