Space Marine 1.1.0

Armored Space Marine With Weapons

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Jan 20, 2012 / Jan 20, 2012


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2011, 2012


3dgill, Character Rig, free rig, grenade, weapons, saw sword, sword, helmet, jetpack, auto clavicle, triple layer ik

This was the prototype character rig for my autorigging setup tool, Biped Rig Builder.

Check out my other work at

Thanks go to Christophe Desse for providing the model.  He is awesome. :D -

Features of the rig include:
  • FK Spine
  • FK Neck
  • IK FK Switch Arms and Legs
  • Reverse Foot Setup
  • Triple Layer IK Arm Controls
  • Automatic IK Clavicle Animation
  • Automatic Shoulder Guard Animation
  • IK Elbow Lock
  • Dual FK Controllers for Ball Joints like the Shoulders and Hips
  • IK Arm Parenting Helpers for Easier Animation
  • Head Lock
  • Grenades
  • Gun
  • Saw Sword

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