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Quadruped Great Dane Rig


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Jul 27, 2007 / Feb 01, 2008


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The Great Dane rig is a quadruped rig built for the Autodesk "Quadruped Friendly Rigging" MasterClasses in 2007.

Note: The official Part I of the masterclass can now be found in (Autodesk will not make the notes available unless you have Gold Membership)

This is a fully functional rig, though unfortunately, there are a few scripts that will only be provided with the class notes that help in making use of the whole potential of the rig. (I was already lucky enough that they let me release the rig as it is :) )

The current rig does not have any facial setup since the class was about the body rig and no facial was built for it

Special Thanks to Chris Baker for the awesome model.

Revision 1.1:
Santi Colomo made a skin version of the rig and added textures and facial to it!

Thanks Santi!!!

I've been extremely busy to tweak some minor problems like some of the skinning, but I promised Santi I would upload it, so here it is!

Animation by ninja animator Cameron Fielding

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