Destrozar_Rig 1.0.1

Four leged mechinized killing machine.

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Mar 28, 2014 / Apr 03, 2014


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Rigging, Character Rig

The Destozar is a four legged robot.  All the gears and pistons are automated so the animator doesnt have to worry about animating them.  The rig was desigend for a game but can also be used in animations.  If it is used in animations the main control can scale down the Rig since it was modeled at suck a large size.

With how the controls with the cogs on the legs are set up.  you cannot move the knee control or it will mess up the spinning of the cogs.  To prevent this I have hidden the controls

Included is a file with it in Z up and Y up.  If you rotate the Main CTL it messes up some of the cogs so I locked it so people dont have to worry about it

Model by: Karen McCarthy

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