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Little girl with nCloth and Shave hair


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Sep 13, 2007 / Sep 13, 2007


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A little girl rig. She has an nCloth dress (Maya 8.5 required) and her hair uses the Shave and a Haircut plugin. If you don't have Shave and a Haircut, she will be bald.

When animating, turn the Hair Vis off on the config node above her head. Also, turn off nucleus evaluation under Modify > Evaluate Nodes > nucleus. Leaving these on will slow down animation playback. Then when done animating, turn them back on. I usually leave about 10 or so frames from t-pose to start animation to let the cloth and hair settle in the animation.

If you rescale the rig, you'll probably have to adjust the cloth and hair settings to account for the new size. Please read the docs or online tutorials for nCloth and Shave and a Haircut settings.

Sample animation

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