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Mar 03, 2013 / Feb 19, 2016


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animation, Rig, chicken

Hi all
my name is Amin sadeghvand.
This is Chicken Rig new for Maya 2011 and above !!
If you like it add me or mail me!!

11 secondclub :
+98 912 77 444 96

Video Examples and Rig control Demo

Rig Features :

Some of the features of this rig include:
IK for the Arms/Leg
Stretchy/Bendy Arms and Legs
Space switching (Pole vectors, controls, eye aim)
Scalable RIG
Facial rig with blendshapes , expressions, and set driven keys.
Facial UI panel .

Add Features : 1.0.1
Add Stretch Body And Head 

Add Features : 1.2
Add Egg Rig Maya 2013
Add Maya 2011
Improvement Rig

Add Features : 1.3

Improvement Rig

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