Batch Tool 1.0.0

Batch Tool for rendering and file processing


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Dec 04, 2008 / Dec 07, 2008


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I.   What is the Batch Tool?
     The Batch Tool is a tool kit to do Maya rendering and batch processing for large amount of files. It serves as a bridge between Maya, operating system and local area network.
     The Batch Tool allows you to:
     *)Do Maya network rendering.
     *)Do batch processing on Maya files, such as the absolute and relative path conversion for file texture.
     *)Do batch processing on operating system files, such as the format and resolution conversion for image files.
     *)Do batch processing on local area network files.
II.  How to install and run the Batch Tool?
     *)Windows system
     Unzip the BathTool.rar and directly run BatchTool.exe and NetRenderServer.exe in the BIN
     *)Linux system
     Python and its Tkinter module are required for the Batch Tool installation.
     Unzip the BathTool.rar and run the following on the terminal:
      cd /yourFolderFullPath/BatchTool/bin
      python NetRenderServer.pyc
      python BatchTool.pyc
III.  Both the English and the Chinese version tutorial files can be found in the BatchTool.rar archive.

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