Sep 16, 2006
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I HAVE only RECENTLY started using Softimage XSI (I prefer Essentials to Advanced), but seing as I have already created most of my models in a seperate Program and saved them as OBJ i thought it would be best to just IMPORT THEM VIA obj option into XSI Essentials.
But when I try and import then there not textured at all.
Which i find to be rather odd because the textures are EXTERNAL.
When i click RENDER if just renders a BLANK model (in Phong of course).
Anyone know how to sort this Problem out at all.

The external Texture files are .TGA, i dont know if that makes a difference or not
But even when i changed them to BITMAP it didnt seem to matter at all.

I am NEW to XSI so this may be a simple case of not setting up the Texture Properties Correctly, Im not sure.

But if anyone can lend a hand itd be GREATLY appreciated.

- Squall789