Oct 29, 2006
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Hello, I am an artist not a programmer..i need to have the grid dynamically change as i zoom in and out,....so i need to make an operator that connects to the camera global position and the camera interest position, and as the distance changes the operator can change the floor and cell size? I dont have a clue on how to pull this off.....

Aug 31, 2009
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You don't need programming skills for this..
get started with a simple grid and a camera.
Open two Explorers, one focusing on the Global transforms of the camera, the other on the local transforms of the
Drag one of the elements to the other, and that will create an expression, one parameter drives the other.
Play with the values in the expression editor until you get the effect you want.

for example , this will be a default value:

maybe it will work better for you like this:
or this:
Camera.kine.local.posx * (3+3*( 7*7))/50

Just play.