Feb 25, 2007
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Being able to alter the interface in Maya is great, but writing all of the declarative formatting for the interface is tiring and error prone. It would be nice to have window maker in the vien of visual studio's one for .net. Also throwing more full featured databinding would be nice.

Feb 26, 2007
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This one exsists! there was someone who already made this way back.

Feb 26, 2007
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I tried one several years ago and it didn't work very well. I guess you are saying that there is a working full featured useful window maker. I would be interested to check it out. Go ahead and post the link if you know of it.

Feb 08, 2010
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i recently was thinking along this path :
creating user interfaces for my mel scripts with vb.net and connect it via tcp to an open port to maya (search for commandPort in maya document) i can open tcp port within maya but i'm new in vb so i need to learn a little network programming but i think it'll be fun. after all , you still need to develop the needed mel procedures for commands but you can use a professional interface for making a UI