Jun 25, 2008
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Not sure if I need to elaborate on this one. I think the subject pretty much says it all.

Jun 25, 2008
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what problems are you having? I've used Maya on the mac a few times and recall having issues with render layers.

Jun 25, 2008
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I've documented most of the bugs with Autodesk but all types of issues: There's a laundry list of things
I think it runs slower for one. The interface update response time for the hypershade is noticeably slower. Not sure if 64 bit would fix this or not? When working for a longer period of time more than 3 or 4 hours Half the Maya interface will go gray or some color can't remember. It's a solid one though. haha Then I have to save and restart. Unable to change the transparency on an image plane. I've also had issues with render layers when I go from service pack 1 to the prior release of 2008. My biggest complaint is crashing though for various reasons. I almost always do when I am doing any UV texture work and start moving around or making changes in the uv texture editor. I've also noticed the output window that is in Windows versions and comes up automatically upon a render is no longer automatically called up. Which is disapointing. I could continue for a while but mainly I just want the two versions (windows / mac) to parallel each other better. I guess most of these issues fall within the display card realm but still. Would be nice..

Jun 25, 2008
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I suspect that most of the issues your describe are display card related. The main benefit of a 64 bit system is more memory and depending on the system it may actually run slower but beable to deal with data on a scale that a 32 bit system could not touch.

Jun 25, 2008
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Well due to the way apple is handling no portability to 64 bit its not likely to see a 64 bit version on mac for a while. So thi sis truly apples own fault. I mean both autodesk, and adobe had a 64 bit version but apple axed the support for such things off.

This is what you get when you go extremely proprietary. Apple can screw you over whan they wish so.

I mean andersen lcc says it all on this page


in the last bit on the page.

Unable to change the transparency on an image plane.

thats a problem assiciated with the limitted set of mac grfx cards.

The bottom line is mac is just not very good for other than just the bare bone basics. Unfortunately so, because on the basics mac shines off. But if you compare a highend pc with ahighend mac you can actually see why.

Mar 01, 2010
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The new version of Maya coming out this March (2010) will, according to rumor, have a completely re-coded interface using pyQt and be 64bit on OSX.  See this thread on CGSociety.  Some beta testers are teasing people (starting on or around page 11?).  This will most likely fix a lot of the OS specific display problems we've seen on Maya in the past.


May 01, 2010
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Well now that ive used maya 2011 i would like to wolunteer thet the improvements werent all that great. Sure a lot of good stuff but a lot of stuff thet now works WORSE than it used to.