Oct 06, 2009
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I quite like the effects of the turbulate function in Shake to create some kind of heat haze for a jet plane exhaust. When i apply the node it creates the turbulance on the whole image, how do i create some kind of mask with feathered edges that i can be placed anywhere on the canvas.
Many Thanks 

I'm a beginner so if someone could give me a few helpful steps.

Oct 09, 2009
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inside your node, click on create rotoshape, or create one from the onglet image, then you draw the points of your roto. don't forget to add a blur on it after to smooth the hard edges

Oct 16, 2009
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ah, nice...i forgot to say i'm such a n00b that i didn't know how to close the points on the rotoshape, but i hit 'Build' and it worked. So my next questions are:
1) say i have 100 frames, how do i keyframe the rotoshape in one position and then move the shape...keyframe the end position at the end of 100 frames ?

2) Similar to above but how do i set the keyframe for the turbulance sliders, say 0 % to 100%, seed, faloff etc. so i get a nice haze motion over the frameset of 100 frames.

many thanks

Oct 17, 2009
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under the viewer there is the icon activating keyframes. go to frame 1 do your shape, go to frame 100 modify it, the key is done. You cannot move a key in the roto like in after effect, you have to created it or copy it (right click...)

for your seed, there is a similar key icon next to the name to set keyframes on in the parameter. You can move theses ones in the curve editor.
You can also put an expression in your seed intead of of a value, it will make more sens. try something like :
modify that to get what looks fine.

Thats, really really basic questions, you should do some tutorials to learn shake a bit before


Oct 18, 2009
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1) turn on the little auto keyframing button just below the viewer. no matter where you move the time slider to, you can adjust the position or shape of your rotoshape and it will creat a keyframe of it in that spot.

2) as fxnurbs was saying, an expression instead of a value is a little more simple than adding multiple keyframes. if you type the word "time" (without the quotations) into the value of each slider it will do a linear curve from the beginning of your time range to the end going from your lowest value to your highest.  if you add some simple math to the expression, it will change the value of your slider based on its total time

lets say you did "time*0.2" like fxnurbs gave as an example. instead of going to the maximum value over the time range, it would only go 0.2, or 20% the total value of your slider. just think of it this way...typing "time" is the same as typing the mathematical expression of "time*1".  just adjust from there and i hope our attempts to explain this works out for you.

Oct 19, 2009
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sounds excellent, i'll give it a go.
Just one other thing...

Is it possible to track an area in Shake and then lock my rotoshape to the points. How would i go about doing this ?

This would be very handy because the heat haze would move with the plane and look more realistic than hand doing it.

Oct 20, 2009
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oh 100% absolutely!
create your tracker data first and foremost. right click on your selected rotoshape point (or select multiple at once and right click one of them) and there are a couple of options but easiest way is to just go to the bottom of the pop-up menu and select a tracker from the "Attach tracker to selected points" menu.

Oct 20, 2009
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..and to create the tracker data, what do you do sorry, I am still learning ?

Oct 22, 2009
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it isnt really something i can explain in a small post, but there are many references out there and tutorials on how to do so. my favorite tracking lesson for shake is on the Gnomon shake: tracking and transforms dvd. get your hands on that if you can. best way to start though is read up what the terms of it mean in the user manual.

Oct 22, 2009
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nice cd tutorial, i might look into getting it.

Oct 22, 2009
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even though i was already fluent in shake,  i went ahead and purchased the gnomon shake series dvds anyways and they help out a lot when it comes to the true meaning and use for each node and its controls. even if you choose not to, i am sure you will have a very easy time finding recourses online that teach the stuff you want to know for free.

Oct 31, 2009
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got everything to work, thank you for your help. :)

Dec 27, 2009
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im a real noob i dont know how to make thing lol im kinda start but im on my own no teaser i kinda messed up my life afther my past and have some block to break by will lol but can i ask a question maybe this isnt the place to put it but whats better shake or maya

Jan 16, 2010
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maya and shake are 2 different things haha. maya is a complete 3D modeling, animation, and rendering package. shake is a node based compositing application.

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