Apr 26, 2001
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Is Shake capable of a spline-based color correction?

With 'spline-based' I mean the possibilty to change e.g. hue or luminance by manipulating a spline so that I can selectively adjust only the midtones, or lighten up only the very dark areas of my footage.

Bein new to Shake and being used to Eddie's color correction philosopy I was wondering whether there was an equivalent.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 26, 2001
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Hmm, i was wondering if there was one without... wink.gif

Have a look at the little pictures of the nodes - some of them show splines on it. If you attach them and go their properties, click on the little key which will immediately turn green. You can now switch to the CurveEditor and, voila...

Otherwise check docs, its all in there.

Apr 27, 2001
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Yes it is...

The nodes Lookup, LookupHLS and LookupHSV do exactly that. Just choose one (HSV is my favorite), and check the little clocks beside the parameter names. Then go to the curve editor and voila!