Jul 06, 2010
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Please Review my work and reply .Thanks.

Jul 09, 2010
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I have a few suggestions.

1. The rig is kinda basic, however, I do like the frown shape and the overall character design. I think there are alot of things you could do with it. Smile needs work, maybe stretch it out a little more. It looks a little funky. Maybe include mouth moves like AH, OH, etc.

The brows and eyes work as expected. And i don't like the smile/frown controller. seems backwards.

2. Your presentation is agonizing. I think that if you were trying to show off your skills, somethings can be left out. For example, showing off head controls and neck controls come pretty standard with most rigs and can be left out. Showing off both of the same thing like both brows and both eyes, a little repetitive.

And most of all. Speed this thing up. Sitting though 4 mins of the same basic rig is painful. I would suggest speeding it up. I would say that you could show the same thing in about 1 min tops.

When your recording, I would practice what your gonna do a few times so that there are no pauses. Or possibly cut it up into segments.

And one more side note. The black on red stuff is a little hard to read. Maybe a bigger font and a lighter color.

Overall a good start though. and i do like the character design.