Jun 15, 2012
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Hello everybody,

I'm studying Digital Media - Animation&Game and my professor doesn't seem able to help me with a problem that came up in my final project (Bachelor project). So I hope someone here will be able to help me :)

My character's head setup includes the usual neck-controller, a blendshape controller for the head, 2 controllers for the mouth (it's a carnivorous plant) and several ones for the eyes:
- one blendshape controller per eye (controls the eyelid-blendshapes as my character has no eyebrows)
- one controller each for the upper and downer eyelid for both eyes
- a controller (normal nurbs curve, as  always use them) for the eyeball, so I don't have to parent the mesh to my controllers directly because it will screw with my hirarchies :D
- two locators which are the aims for the eyeballs (with aim-constraints)

The problem: when I turn the head sideways, the eyes and everything follows the head fine and turns with it except the eyeballs. They do follow, but they don't turn. The eyeball controllers stay horizontally while the head turns to be vertical.
I just can't figure out why! I added an image of my hirarchy. Probably I messed up something there?

It would be great if someone could help me! :)



Edit: I tried playing around with the aim constraint options and came to the conclusion that with the "World Up Type" to "None" it seems to do what I want... although I'm not sure if it won't give me problems later... but anyway...
If someone's got a better idea, I'll be glad to read it :)

Jun 18, 2012
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Hi Tonxi.I guess this might help.Create 2 controllers individually for 2 eyes and group them.Parent constraint them to the head control group.Now group the eye polygons and parent constraint them with the eye contollers you have just created.This will constraint the eyes with the head,so as your head moves,eyes will move likewise.Now  create another 2 controllers the eye will follow and Aim constraint those groups to those controllers you have just created.What I mean to say,first make sure the eyes moves along with the head.Once the eyes moves with the head,there should be no problem to make the eyes follow making a couple of controllers away from head and aim constraining the to the eyes(polygons).Hope this will help.All the best.

Aug 02, 2013
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Hey Focuz Arts, was going to say that!

Tonxi, check if your eyeballs aren't currently being blendshaped. -And if they are,  check you didn't freeze the transforms of your blendshaped mesh. This can cause positioning problems.