Aug 24, 2012
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Hey guys, i have this block texture on the ground. I use mental ray's approximation editor to make the displacement into a MIA_MATERIAL_X. also i put some reflection on it. with the following settings

Reflection 0.5
glossy 0.4
samples 160
(not using interpolate)

i have this flickerings on highlights reflections.. and I'm not sure where is comming from.
For lighting i'm using a lot of point lights with MR map shadows.

in sampling i tried gauss and mitchel with low samples at 1 and high samples at 2. I can't increase the samples more than 2, since i need to animate this, and i need to take care about rending times.

btw, i;m not using FG.

does anyone one know where the flickering can come from?.


thanks in advance,