Sep 10, 2009
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Hi there-

I upgraded to 5.2 the other day and i've been looking at the new python panel things most of the stuff I can seem to get my head around but I'm having problems with callbacks or more specifically getting a call back when nuke.frame() is updated.

I've a couple of questions, is there a knob equivalent to nuke.frame() that I could access so whenever the frame number is changed a method is called?

According to the documentation I could use this:

def knobChanged(self, knob):
if knob == nuke.frame():
# do other stuff

But that doesn't appear to work so I began to wonder if I could use the updateUI callback instead so I tried this:


def updateUI(self):
# do other stuff

But this doesn't seem to be called when I change frame. Any ideas on how I could do this?



Oct 12, 2009
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have you try to use "t" (for time) instead of frame, i am not sure to understand what you try to do.