Feb 04, 2011
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Hey there,

can anybody give me a clue about how to average tracks together in Nuke? 


Feb 07, 2011
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I am not sure of what you are looking for, is it to averqge 2 different track together or average the points of 1 tracker to smooth the animation curve ?

on the first case you can copy your diffrent traker in a new one using track 1, 2 .... it will average both
or using an expression kind of (track1.cuve + track2.curve)/2  I am not sure if this one is correct but that's the idea.

on the second case, in the curve editor, select all the points you want to average, right click, Filter. it asks you how many time you want to filter, thats the average or smoothing tool of the curves

hope that it answers your question