Jan 31, 2011
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Hi there everybody,

My name is Aaron and I am a 25 year old dedicated compositor from Southern California. I am currently looking for work (non-paying) on short films, videos, commercials, etc. Pretty much my goal is to improve my demo reel (and actually get it finished) with a wide variety of quality work. I have been serious and passionate about compositing since I was about 15 years old and I know I have been going to great lengths to improve my skills in this field.

My current software of choice is Apple Shake. I have been using this software since 2004 after it was adapted to the Mac OS platform. I am fully knowledgable of the insides and outs of this software (including advanced macro scripting and command line).
I am also very experienced in both Motion and After Effects, which I used from 2005-2006 working as a full time Commercial Production Artist at KZSW Television. They are not my first choices of software, but if they work calls for it, I have the ability to quickly adapt.

I am pretty much 90% self taught in this field. I have Community College certification in basic 3D animation/Rendering, and a little bit of advanced training from Gnomon school of visual effects. Further schooling has never been an option for me because I do not qualify for student loans. My love for this field of work has driven me to be an extremely dedicated worker and I DO consider myself to have the same skill as many people who have completed further education.

As I said before, I am just trying to improve my demo reel with a wide variety of work at this time. If you feel that I am what you are looking for, please hit me up on here or by email ( Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering me as a candidate to help work as a team member on your next project.