Dec 28, 2003
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First off the bat, this is volunteer work only, so stop reading if you dont like that.

Anyone who is interested in contributing some of there skills in animation is welcomed.

These shorts are exactly what they are, short films, each one lasting about 5 minutes or so, with a total of up to 9. All 9 shorts will have the same character involved in different wacky situations. This character will be rigged professionaly with any humanly possible facial expression, aswell as a nice muscle system.

I myself will model and rig the character, what i need is someone to help me animate him, and texture.

All work will be submitted VIA my FTP. Storyboards and model sheets and anything else will be one that FTP.

So in general I am looking for people who have nothing to do and want to get involved in some cool projects. If you know how to use maya , and are interested in helping out by doing some work, email me or add me to msn messenger.

Jacob Pilich - 3D artist



PS - anywork done will be credited