Oct 13, 2009
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XSI has a adjacent selection tool that offsets the selection for ex you have a plane with subdivisions, you select one polygon on the plane and run adjacent edges and it selects every other polygon, making it fast to model holes for example.

Does maya have anything like this? 


I dont know of a single tool/command off hand that does it but under the polygon subset there's the selection menu.

"grow selection" followed by "selection boundary" generates something similar

theres also the "Convert Selection" options too. You can issue those in a mel script to get identical functionality and place that in a shelf button etc.

ie:(with a vertex selected)
//vertex to adjacent vertices

string $initSel[] = `ls -sl -fl`; //finds initial selection
ConvertSelectionToEdges;  //changes selection to all edges that include that vertex
ConvertSelectionToVertices; //changes selection to all vertices included by previous edges
select -d $initSel; // removes initial vertex selection


Nov 18, 2009
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After selecting a face, on your keyboard you have to push on "Shift + >" to select the adjacents planes (it works with edges and vertices too) and to decrease the selection it's just the "<" button.