Jan 01, 2000
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I'm trying to choose which flavour of Linux I want to run, (Red Hat, Debian, Slackware, etc.) and I'm wondering which has the most support for 3d graphics apps. What's the most popular version out there?

Jan 02, 2000
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Im a debian man myself, but the only gripe most people have with debian is how slow they are in their releases. As for 3d support, all of them should have the same exact support (ie Xi X11 server will run under any of the distros, etc). Slackware is nice, I have heard that Red Hat is not the best distro from the hardcore gurus, its probably the cool name that makes it most popular. One of the main reasons I like debian is because they adhear to the GPL and FSF the closest. I also like debians package management system much better then rpm. Check out this site for good deals on all the distros, cheapbytes.

Mar 10, 2000
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I would suggest you try Corel Linux. It is built on Debian(one of the better linux's out there), and they added alot of nice user friendly GUI that Debian was missing in order to be accepted into the consumer world.

Aug 27, 2000
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for support of 3d graphics apps, its red hat. thats what sidefx and alias/wavefront are writing to.

red hat is replacing irix on the low end (i dont think irix is really designed for the low end)

if your familiar with linux or unix, than you should be fine with whatever dist you choose.