Mar 30, 2009
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Any advantage to using Linux to render MAya scenes, and Mental Ray?

I'm setting up a render only PC. Will install XP64 as the OS probably. The box will be controlled remotely via an XP PC and a Mac through VNC.

Any big advantage to using linux? I just like the idea of running Unix, so I'm curious.


Apr 04, 2009
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QUOTE(oliverwolfs @ 03/30/09, 02:18 PM) [snapback]304373[/snapback]
Any advantage to using Linux to render MAya scenes, and Mental Ray?

Well the cost of a redernodes operating system is neglible

Apr 15, 2009
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There is a performance advatage to rendering in linux. I tested it and compared to XP x64 linux x64 was faster. Not overwhelming, but it did have a respectable performance advantage.
I would advise you to just use Putty from XP or SSH from OSX to ssh into the rendernode and do your rendering from the command line. A linux box (if configured correctly) will use less ram than a windows renderbox, leaving more resources available for your rendering, on top of already having a performance advatage.
I'll leave the distro choice up to you, but I would choose one that has a gui (so you can install it..lol) and has a guide specifically for it on installing maya. Then after it's all set up, change the default init level to 3 (instead of 5) so you have command line only.