Mar 20, 2001
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Hello ppl,

I was just wondering if someone has the luck to be betatesting or has more infos/screenshots of Maya Linux Beta.

I am curious wheter Alias|Wavefront is porting it to Linux using the Motif toolkit or anything else, and in the case they're porting it using Motif, is it the slightly different Motif form Irix?

I also heard that the final version should ship for the end of March, but those are just false rumors probably.

I find it bad that A|W is whistling and belling for the macosx port while all the preview we have for the linux port is a small Mayan-Tux icon, don't you agree?



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Mar 22, 2001
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Yes, some people have. Seeing that most beta tests are under NDA, I imagine that those people can't really go into much detail.

From what I understand, Maya Linux has hit the pre-Gold stage (the last part till shipping). I also heard that 4.0 for Irix is being worked on... I just hope the Linux renderer is released at the same time.

Also, Mac OSX is sexy, so it is going to be shown off... with Linux, you have to play with the default window settings for it to be as attractive. Or... maybe the Apple marketing team has something to do with it.

I do know that that the range of hardware that the Maya Linux 3.0 should be as diverse as it is for the renderer.

-I just program here, how am I supposed to know?