Sep 11, 2010
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The right hand have a problem, you can see in the picture....

One question, how works the dinamic clothes??


Sep 14, 2010
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Hi and thanks for your purchase,
I consulted with Amin Haj abbas Ali ( The rigger of This character ) and he suggested that you must change TranslateZ of "Right_Elbow_anim" to "-1".


Sep 15, 2010
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And how works the dynamic clothes??


Sep 18, 2010
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The dynamic cloth start range is frame -10. try to set your timeline.

Sep 25, 2010
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Hello I am a big fan of this Lina model and I was going to purchase it this coming week but I could not find it on the website. Is there a problem with the model, and will come back to the website so I can purchase it.

Sep 25, 2010
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Oh by the way I have sent a reqest for you to add me as a friend. It would be a honor if you did add me. Thanks and I will wait for you reply. I am a up coming animator and I wanted to use this model for a school project. Lina is good looking model.

Sep 29, 2010
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Hello I am trying to purchase this great model but it seem that it has been removed from the site. How can I get this model. Please let me know. Thank you.