Nov 10, 1999
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hi guys
i need to create a photorealistic fruit tree that grows and changes seasonally from winter to summer as if it were time lapsed. does anyone know of any cool plugins or software that could help me out with this?
thanks in advance

Nov 10, 1999
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This effect would most likely be done in a larger facility with compositing tricks. If you comp render the scene, tree and all the different variations in seasons, then you could use any variety of compositing tools to have them "change seasons" and obtain the look you are going for. By the way, in maya 2.5 the paint effects tool let's you build procedural plantlife like trees and brush, etc. You can even animate the life of the plant to have it "grow".

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Nov 10, 1999
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This shouldn't be too hard to do with any pro level animation package. Break it up into 3 scenes. First make your summer scene. For
the transition through fall, use the summer scene to start. I am afraid that you'll have to make the leaf objects that fall as separate objects in most packages. Animate their fall to the ground.
As for the color shift, the easiest way if you can't animate colors is to make a texture map that fades to fall colors from summer and animate
it on your geometry. Using maps on the lights will help as well. Then for your winter scene, use the fall scene as base. Make snow "objects" that start scaled to zero
and grow throughout the scene mimicking the way that snow accumulates in patches. The real time will be spent in making the snow objects that grow everywhere in
the scene. Use the same trick from fall to get the lighting and colors right. The final thing that is really going to sell the scene is to duplicate the "freakishly fast" look
of time lapse motion photography. Whether you animate the objects to move faster or play with the frame rate of the rendered frames is up to you. Remember however that
to sell photorealism, your background has to be just as good as the tree itself. Include some back action that the audience will never be concious of, but will feel that "something
isn't right" if it is missing. Have you watched some stock time lapse footage? If not, do so before you plan your scene - it will really help.

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Nov 10, 1999
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Maya 2.5 paint effects will do it in about 2-3 minutes or less. Not too sure if the leaves will fall off the tree during the Fall.

Nov 17, 1999
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Maya 2.5...