Aug 03, 2009
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Hi to all,

I've got a problem:
Sometimes when I start Maya I find that hotbox menu doesn't have items I set to show previously, viewport grid has less dimensions than before and some boxes are unchecked in plug-ins manager. Hotbox menu randomly can throw away some items, e.g. hide animation or polygons menu, or show all.

When I set everything up again and restart Maya, sometimes settings will be saved and everything is fine. But usually several times per day I get that broken settings behavior.

It would be great if anybody could advice how to deal with this problem. Should I set another location for Maya settings?

I am using windows XP sp3, Maya 2009


P.S. Hotkeys are working properly, windows positions and tools setting are ok as well

Aug 03, 2009
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Is it possible thet somebidy else is using your settings? Also is it possible theres some restriction on disk acess this could cause all sorts of weird things (its stupprisingly common that this happens by mistake or purpose). On related problems, check you users setup maybe it overides stuff, also the files you load themselves mya override some settings. Third maya only saves settings once you actually exit maya if it crashes all chnages are lost , it could also happen if you have 2 mayas open concurently.

You may want to clear your settings right now (rename the folder) and see if the problem persists.

But usually several times per day I get that broken settings behavior.

THis may indicate something is actually copying the settings there. So look for a script and or recovery feature.

Keep an eye on whet files you operate when thay go awry. Mayas capable of having scripyts run and change settings on load.

Aug 03, 2009
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Hi Joojaa smile.gif

Seems that happens because I've got documents and settings folder to read-only (and I cannot get rid of read-only flag no matter what I do). Guess it is somehow linked with company policies...
Now I will try to map maya's settings to some other folder if that is possible

Weird that I could quit maya and several next openings everything was fine (which means settings were written somewhere after all) but on the other load that problem occurs again.

I've tried to delete maya folder from my documents several times already but problem is still there. And it appears not to be caused by any 3rd party scripts or plug-ins, 'cause I've got clean install without anything and still get this weird stuff happening.

Thanks for the tips

Aug 28, 2009
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Well, after pointing MAYA_APP_DIR to other drive things became more predictable, but still sometimes my hotbox is messed up, plug-ins checkboxes seems stable though.
If someone knows any other workaround, please help.