Nov 16, 2011
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ARGHHH!!This thing is driving me crazy. I'm trying to archive my maya scene. So I save it, then choose File/Archive Scene.

Then I get an error saying I need to save my scene first. BUT I JUST DID!!!! So I saved it again then tried to archive again. Same problem. SO I actually wrote this into the script editor and executed it:

file -f -save  -options "v=0" -type "mayaAscii";

And I STILL get the error! WTF. Anybody know what the problem is? Seriously, I've archived 10 other scenes today no problem and now I'm wasting my time with this...
Please help!! 
(I'm running maya 2012, BTW)

Feb 28, 2012
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i am having the same problem.  I have deleted user prefs and everything else i can think of?   anyone? i'm running maya 2012 sap2 on mac.

Feb 29, 2012
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most likely you have a post save method running. Try calling archival from your operating systems commandline.