Jul 28, 2000
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We've got an old Onyx with two IP27 R10000 CPUs at 195MHz. Now we are wondering whether it's worth the money to get two more of the same CPUs to run Inferno on it...

So my question is, do you think that this system would be fast enough to run Inferno with an acceptable performance (probably only working with
2k resolution)? Or are these CPUs so slow that it would not make any sense at all...?

and does anyone know what 2 of these CPUs would cost?



Dec 13, 2000
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infinite reality + raster manager boards, much more than 2 gigs of memory (if You plan 2k), digital video io, 2 port fiberchannel card + nice raid on opposite side, and having all this You can only have inferno 3.0, for the last version You will need onyx2 IR2. Better forget about it.