Nov 10, 2000
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i just want to share some thoughts that might have helped me
on some of the projects i've been working on (none mentioned )

if you can help it, NEVER EVER let any one grade a bluescreen
in a secondary cc tool such as davinci or spectre. if there is a major cc
to be acomplished then do two scans (i'm now talking video) one with
secondary on and directly after that one whitout secondary.

the reason (incase you don't already know): the secondary cc is a cc
preformed after the selection from the neg has been preformed wich
means that it essentially just is keying and colourcorrecting an
already scanned image. so, if we were to pull a key from this material
we will get an horrible edge. it's most evident if we're using
a special package such as primatte or ultimatte, they will produce an
intense red/purple edge.

another thing to remember is to turn off any 'sharpen' filters because
all what they do is creating an illusion of sharpness by increasing the
contrast of the edges in the image, and what do we compositors
like harsh edges

good luck to you all and see ay around.