Jul 28, 2004
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Hi everybody

I am really new to combustion n compositing plz. help me by giving links of good tutorials and help files so that i can use them to learn THE WORLDS MOST AMAZING n FANTASTIC n MIND BLOWING software named CoMbUsTiOn...

Plz. send links to milind_media@yahoo.com

Thanx in advance

Jul 29, 2004
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Hi New Bird,

To access the combustion online help, in combustion, go to the top menu and choose Help | combustion Help or press command+? on a Macintosh or F1 on a Windows platform. As for tutorials, Discreet has combustion tutorials. Although the tutorials were not updated to version 3, they are still valid and can be done using combustion 3.x on either Macintosh or Windows platform.

Enjoy working with combustion! I certainly do!!

Aug 16, 2004
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Over the years (well, since Combustion Version 1 anyway) I have compiled a rather "complete" list of free tutorials, websites, chat rooms and user websites...

Now, with the start of 2004, it is time for me to UPDATE that list...

Start point: Discreet has a rather new COMBUSTION RESOURCES page, which also mentions many of the links below:


Free Combustion version 2 Tutorials: As you may already know, there are over 13 FREE Cv2 Tutorials that are available directly from Discreet, and these will work with Cv3 as well. Discreet has mentioned that they are working on more Cv3 specific free tutorials, and they will be out later. The Cv2 tuts are downloadable here:


These Lessons cover almost all the "essential basics" and have PDF files with instructions for each lesson, as well as ZIP files with the media, workspace files, and sample AVI/MOV files. Here is the summary of free lessons:

-Intro: Welcome to combustion (PDF - 301 KB) which includes Detailed descriptions of the lessons, terms, the conventions used in the tutorials, as well as instructions for setting the preferences needed for the tutorials

-Lesson 1: Touring combustion

-Lesson 2: Creating Composites in 2D Space

-Lesson 3: Compositing in 3D Space

-Lesson 4: Using Paint

-Lesson 5: Tracking and Stabilizing

-Lesson 6: Keying

-Lesson 7: Using Garbage Masks

-Lesson 8: Color Correcting

-Lesson 9: Animating Particle Effects PDF

-Lesson 10: Working with Paint Selections

-Lesson 11: Animating Layers in 3D Space

-Lesson 12: Working with Motion Graphics

-Lesson 13: Using Scenes from 3ds max

-Bonus:Combustion for AE users (four more lessons and tips)

Next: Discreet has posted over 30 free finished Combustion Workspaces to demonstrate basic effects and composites for download. You can open these up, inspect them, change and modify them and save them as your own. Or, by simple "reverse engineering" you can to learn how they were made. Get them at: http://www4.discreet.com/combustion/combustion.php?id=208

Here is a Rundown of some additional FREE TRAINING websites -- some even offer busy chatrooms, tutorials and tips.

The CreativeCOW Combustion Forum at: http://www.creativecow.net/index.php?forumid=14

Don't forget to review the variety of Creative COW FREE COMBUSTION Tutorials: http://www.creativecow.net/articles/combustion.html

The "combustion exchange FTP site" also known as the Alex Site, where Combustion users can upload/download and exchange images, workspaces, and setups with other users. Much explanation and comments of the material here is posted at the CreativeCOW Combustion Forum. The Alex site Address: ftp://combustionexchange.no-ip.com Note: Login: " combustion_user " and password: " learn "

For Spanish speaking Combustion users, there is a Spanish version that mirrors the Alex ftp site, and including explanations in Espa