Jan 12, 2010
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hi im a student doing computer animation. im using the blake model downloaded from this site,.. all was going well until i got to animate the arms, he has lost his wrist elbow and shoulder ball controllers on his left arm... and the hand controller on the right... i know the x,y,z manipulator controller can do a vanishing act, but is there any way to bring back these arm controllers. ive tried importing the original file into my animated file but these arm manipulators didnt show up. ive imported him into a fresh scene. and also copying and pasting my keyframes from one maya open file to another maya open at a total loss... give us a clue guys plz...
how to bring back the xyz controller would be mighty helpful too..... thanks...justin ...great site by the way...
oh yeah the work im doing is for an assignment due next monday....HELP!!!!!