Jan 26, 2012
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Recently i started to study Maya, coming from blender. Start was pain, now i have gotten a bit familiar with software and it feels better. However i can't belive there ain't tool for mirroring pose. It's basic tool for so many other 3d applications and i rly wonder howcome maya, wich is very used program don't have it orginally O.o. I'm not big fan of mel neither python scripts... so is there any plug in that can do it for me, or maybe some script? Once u used to have ability to mirror pose u can't live without it anymore.
:D. I have tried to google it but without any good results.

hope someone can help me out :)
Best thanks!

Jan 26, 2012
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The problem with a generic mirror script is that it would need to be a huge amount of work put into, as rigs differ so much (this is all from what ive come to believe, though either experience or observation) and i wouldnt have thought it would work perfectly everytime, too much variation.

Personally, to write a pose mirror script, i'd kinda need to know the rig, oreintations, naming conventions etc, and normally the best person to ask would be the rigger themselves.

Jan 27, 2012
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Thank you for the answer Idunham1.
hmm i think it's done (at last in blender) like that, it searches matching bone with .L/.R or .left/.right ending of the name,
and copies it's attributes to matching or more better switch the values between matching bones. if the attribute values mirror would be name based, in theory it supposed to work (like it do in blender)  even so the range of different rigs is limitless :)?

ok if i wrote bad, i try to be more clear. So when u mirror for example "hand_IK_controller.left" maya would automaticly search matching bone but with .right... so it would chek if there is "hand_IK_controller.right". and when it does find that kind matching bone it would simply switch the values copmpared middle point of the rig (maybe root).

dunno if it rly works like that, but since it's at blender, heard max have that too. So shouldn't be too much problem to to let maya include that feature also :). I'm certain that many studios have scripted that feature, but is there any available? i would rly be thankful if someone know any that works good with maya 2012.

Jan 28, 2012
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Yeah I see what you mean, and an idealic situation it would be the same.

However, problems i've seen with creating mirror scripts for rigs before is the variation.
Not all riggers will call their controls "*.left" or "*.right", personally I prefer "L_*" and "R_*" as a prefix. BUT this can easily be overcome by getting the user to determine the naming convention and position of it.

With that problem taken care of, another I come across is the way people orient or mirror their controls. Some use -1 in scale (I personally dont like this as the mirrored object rotates the opposite to the manipulator), for FK controls I mirror the behaviour of the joints and orient the controls to the joints, the translations dont work well together (in local) but rotates lovely. IK I differently, as its mainly use for translates instead, and our animators prefer using the same orientation for both IK sides.

So for the way I rig, Ive got a clear Idea of what attributes can be directly copied over and what attributes needs to be reversed, in order to make a successful mirror/flip script.

When I get a spare moment i'll have a think and write one up, and just see what I can do to make it as generic as possible.
(i'm hoping other people might bring some more info to light as to whether im getting the wrong end of the stick here :) or whether i'm giving crap advice lol)

Jan 28, 2012
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Would be great!. if u get some good results let me know. Now that i have been searching a lot from google about this "issue" many have this kind of thread, but still not solved. I would try wrap my head around acripting in maya, but unfortunetly, i need to learn so much other areas to get my graduation work rdy before my school ends. I allready knew most of the steps with blender, but i want to do this one with maya (as it is a studio standard).

 So Good luck with your experiments with script!
 And if someone allready have solution or know some nice plug-in with that feature (mirror/flip pose)
please share your knowledge :)

maybe i should try to make address for autodesk (if it would get a lot of names) to make thatkind of tool as standard for maya :)

Jan 28, 2012
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Well simply put, mayas not open source. so if it comes from autodesk we lose control. Maya is made for medium to large teams and its generally accepted that they have at least 1 full time scripter a phone call away. Because it really pays off to have a custom focused pipeline design. Sucks for beginners or script deniers off course, but that you what have 3DS MAX for.

anyway a quick search found that this script exists, indeed i found no less than 40 of them. heres the first:


Anyway this is just a search and replace operation. Very easy to do (10 minutes for your on call dev and you get it working EXACTLY like you wish* with all and every convolution taken care of), even accounting for all the possible problems said above.

*tough obviously its possible to convolute things as much as possible, such as account for blendshapes without any naming etc.

Jan 28, 2012
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cheers Joojaa.

Jan 29, 2012
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Thank you JooJaa! That tool look just great.
prolly couldn't find with google cos i allways included "pose" word

But big studios do a lot tools and tweaks themselves anyway, so wouldn't be too bad to have that kind of tool as standart either.

But anyway this solution looks just what i was after, so Thank you again :).

Jan 29, 2012
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>> But big studios do a lot tools and tweaks themselves anyway,

Well yes but id rather autodesk do something fundamental than waste that time having 2 summer interns instead do a mirrorscript that's inferior to one you can download.

PS: if you use maya you are into mel/python at least indirectly.