Aug 28, 2010
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Hello. I didn't see any forum post for ideas, so i decided i would just go here sincei use 3ds max for my modeling. I am trying to begin work on a Fantasy RPG project (called 'Paradox'), and could use a few extra ideas for models and textures. i don't have any textures at the moment because i don't have any good programs to make textures (if you know of any free ones, please let me know). The RPG is set in a fantasy based land where most of the monsters are either dinosaur like creatures or orcs, trolls, dragons, etc. The player's goal is to find the sword called Paradox, which is an ancient weapon that can defeat any foe, and which is required for the final boss fight. The player's main weapons are the sword, an elf bow, and the choice of 3 handy dinosaur pets to help him along the way. I am using 3D rad, a free game production software, to make this game, and so it will be slightly older style, (like Legend of Zelda OOT style) and will be used on the PC. please post any suggestions for models, textures, or even game ideas in this topic. Thank you. :)

Aug 29, 2010
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For free image editors, you can go with GIMP, GIMPShop (just GIMP, but with the Photshop look) or Paint.Net. The first two are open source, while paint.net is free, but no longer open source. For a list of other editors you can check here and here or just google open source image editors or free image editors. GIMP is powerful and a GREAT photoshop replacement. If you need vector stuff (unlikely, but hey), you can use InkScape or sk1. sk1 is written entirely in python and has some features InkScape doesn't (like being able to do color separations for print). Hopefully that'll start you on your way!

Oh and if you wanted to go fully opensource you could use blender for all of your modeling/animation/rendering/etc as well. Blender's pretty powerful and the interface has come a LONG way from what it used to be. If you're happy with 3ds though stick with it. Just givin' you options if you want 'em. :)