Batch Script Generator 1.3.0

Provides a user friendly interface to create batch files for rendering multiple Maya scenes.

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Mar 21, 2011 / Jul 12, 2011


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Stormhyde Studios

Latest version: 1.3

Price: Free!


Note: Requires Maya

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Provides a user friendly interface to create batch files for rendering multiple Maya scenes.

- Simply load your file and enter render data into the field available and press the Add Render Line button
- Once finished the batch script can be generated at the click of a button.
- Any fields not specified simply are not included in the generated script. All fields are optional except the scene file.
- Can also generate a test script that renders only the first frame of each scene
- Custom render flags to change options such as resolution, file type, render messages and number of cores to use. Applies to all scenes
- Automatically create log files for each render line
- Select post render tasks such as opening a file or shutting down or logging off the computer automatically
- Able to load batch file information straight back into the program (File - Open Script or File - Add Script)
- Custom interface which can be changed back to system default - Click on the images below to see the program in action


- Easy to use interface
- Portable application
- Completely free software


- Download the file from the link and extract the contents from the zip folder.
- Open the application!

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