Python Script: Eyeon Fusion 6.x Multi Clip Loader 1.0.0

python script that helps Eyeon Fusion Artist load multiple sequence with a single click.

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Aug 08, 2012 / Aug 11, 2012


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Eyeon Fusion, multi clip loader

Here I am !!!
with another python script that helps Eyeon Fusion Artist load multiple sequence with a single click.

Eyeoon Fusion 6.x


  1. Download and extract file to Fusion root directory["E:\Program Files\eyeon\Fusion 6.1\Scripts\Comp\"]
  2. open Eyeon Fusion Console(next to flow view)
  3. Select Python(by default Lua is selected)
  4. import multiloader or run from scripts menu in fusion menubar


Step 1. after import multiloader
You can load maximum 10 still image or image sequence, if you want to change the maximum limit open the in notepad and change the value of mx to a desired number. By default, I have set it to 10 to avoid processing delay which can occur on slow machine or if sequence you are importing on network instead of local machine.Its always good idea to copy image sequence to local machine.
Step 2
In step 2. you are prompted to browse sequences depending upon the number you  selected in previous prompt, since i selected 10, I have image sequence loader being displayed. 

Note that I have left few of them empty (just for demonstration) that if I miss some sequence only the one's with not empty will have the loader made for you in the composition. So in our case we will have Sequence0, Sequence1, Sequence2,Sequence5, Sequence7. A total of 5 loaders.

Here it is see for yourself in the image below.


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