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Rapidly Create Character Control UIs using abxPicker's unique drag and drop interface.


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Submitted by Hugh Shin on 05/25/11

Bug when Reference a file into any scene

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Status: closed
Priority: high

I got a character with a picker contains “SelAll” burton

When I import the character as reference into another scnen file, all burtons work well except the SelAll Burton.

whenever I press the SelAll Burton, it’s giving me a messege saying

“// Error: No object matches name” while other burtons work.

can you give me a solution on this issue?

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May 25, 2011
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Its difficult to pinpoint without looking at the scene. As a catch-all solution try deleting the button in your original character file and then re select the objects over again and create a new button.

Alternatively, I sometimes make selection sets that contain all the objects that the animator can key. Then I select this set node in the outliner and assign it to a button. This way i can add and remove items from the set without having to change the assignment to the KeyAll or SelAll buttons.

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