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This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Dec 20, 2009 / Jul 25, 2015


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Submitted by Nikhil Venkatesh on 2010-09-06 06:45:42

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Hey Dustin,

I think it’ll be a good idea to generate a shelf button to select all the controllers for keying them, when the rig is generated. It’ll help key the whole character.


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Sep 21, 2010
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Hi Nikhil,

In version 1.2.0 there is a second file called DSN_RapidAnim.mel that is a really basic (for now) UI that includes a button that selects all the controls of the current rig. Once you have the UI loaded up, all you have to do is select any control on the rig, and hit "Select" under "Select Controls" and it will highlight all the controls of the currently selected rig.


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Sep 21, 2010
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That sounds cool!!

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