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Powerful tools to manage, export, and rebuild Maya's Render Layers


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Jul 09, 2010 / Jun 16, 2015


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2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


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Version 0.9 Beta: Early release to test

Version 1.0:
     - handles rebuilding on locked masterLayers more accurately
     - import layers will prompt to rename or overwrite if layer already exists in scene
     - fixed a few glitches

Version 1.1:
     - added icon images for shelf
     - changed "Diagnose Ref Lock" command to "List Failed Reference Edits"
     - added "List Missing Referenced Nodes" command to list missing nodes that may cause locked render layers

Version 1.2:
     - added functions to commit any layer overrides to masterLayer
     - renamed "List Edits" function to "List Overrides"
     - bug fix: handles layer overrides storing rotation values as radians
     - bug fix: correctly exports compound attribute overrides
     - bug fix: correctly handles string attribute overrides such as file paths

Version 1.2.1
     - fixed bug on overridden connections causing rebuild to error

Version 1.5.0
     - fixed bug preventing it from supporting future versions
     - now matches maya's behavior of handling name clash overrides 

Version 1.6.0
     - added a reference purge for the layer to remove unclean ref edits that bloat scenes up
     - import multiple render layers at once
     - prevents children of render layer members from adding themselves when reimporting
     - added support for Maya 2016