mR_pRime 0.7 (3dsmax script)

mR_pRime is a script for Autodesk 3dsmax 7...

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May 27, 2005 / May 27, 2005


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6.x, 7.x


mR_pRime is a script for Autodesk 3dsmax 7 and 7.5 containing preset render settings for the included mental ray renderer. Each preset have been carefully optimized for both speed and quality, resulting in easy and quick view of your renders.

The five different presets are optimizing settings in the following areas :

-All lights in scene : Mental Ray Shadow maps, Scanline Shadow maps, Mental Ray area shadows

-SSS Shaders in scene

-Anti-aliasing sampling

-Global illumination, Final Gather and caustics (GI and caustics also different optimization if FG is off)

-Raytrace depths (Reflective/Refractive/tracedepth)

It also features a nice little preview window running a "modified version" of the "low" settings for a even quicker preview of your scene.

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