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Sep 08, 2004 / Nov 12, 2004


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5.x, 6.x


script name: keyData recorder
functionality: export keyData to an external file for every selected object in the scene and then reload keyData from external file whenever necessary
features: this script recursively searches for every animated controller for every selected object and records all the data associated with each key

** Important Step **

If an object is deleted from a scene and then that action is undone, you still lose access to all of its controllers. Before running this script, make sure to save your file, close it and re-open it. This will restore any previously lost access to any object's controllers.

new features (version 1.5):
1. individual keyData files are created for each selected object to ensure greater stability.

new features (version 1.2):
1. can now specify a frame range in which to record the key data
2. can now specify a starting frame to begin loading the key data
3. a report log that is created to let you know if any of the animated controllers were not loaded

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