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A model of a train rigged entirely using constraints.

Train Zoom

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Dec 18, 2010 / Dec 18, 2010


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rigged, constrains, Train, Train movement, maya

Materials: no
Textures: no
Animated: no
Rigged: yes
Includes Normal Map: no
Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 222086
Vertices: 204918
Detail Level: medium


Maya (.ma, .mb) - v2009

A train model.  The wheels on the engine are rigged up using constraints.  turning the back large wheel on the engine makes the other wheels and pieces move accordingly.
Note* only turn the Fourthwheel in the correct direction or everything will move out of place.

Also, the mesh can be significantly less polygons if you delete all the bolts on the body of the train.  Dont delete bolts that are part of the rigged section, as they are likely important to the function of the train.

without the bolts that are just for looks, the mesh is 134006 Faces and 130050 Verts

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