Lucy (10M triangles) 3D Model

Decimated from 28M triangles to 10M, clean mesh, 7zip!

Lucy Zoom

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May 08, 2010 / May 08, 2010


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Lucy, Stanford, lower poly Lucy

Materials: no
Textures: no
Animated: no
Rigged: no
Includes Normal Map: yes
Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 10000000
Vertices: 5000000
Detail Level: high


Blender (.blend) - v2.49.2

Rename zip to 7z and extract

Blender 3D model, 7zip compressed. Blender is free (u can export to obj, 3ds...)

Decimated with VRMesh v5.0 Studio Demo from 28 000 000 triangles to 10 000 000.
28M tri originates from
The 28M was to heavy to handle with 8 GB of ram (even for many commercial applications)
Mesh cleaning with VRMesh v5.0 Studio Demo and Blender.

Clean closed mesh: = NO = holes, double edges/verts, spike - overlapped - sharp - intersected - folded triangles

No smooth was applied to preserv details.

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