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Daniel is a very high detailed male character model. Fully rigged with cloth and multiple morph targets. This version includes multiple military clothes and accessories in various camouflage patterns.


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Dec 28, 2009 / Dec 28, 2009


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Materials: yes
Textures: yes
Animated: no
Rigged: yes
Includes Normal Map: no
Geometry: Subdivision
Polygons: 93943
Vertices: 89349
Detail Level: high


3ds Max (.max) - v9.0

Daniel is a very high detailed male character model.

The base mesh is edge loop based and has a Turbosmooth modifier applied. The extremely high detail is achieved by using high resolution bump and displacement maps. This way the rendering speed is very fast while you have a amazingly detailed model.

The character is fully rigged with biped and ready for animation.

For facial animation morph targets for the phonemes A, O, E, U, M, and for blink, smile, frown and eyebrow rise are include. They can be animated via a morpher modifier which is applied.

The bundle includes the following cloth and accessories:
- the current American ACU uniform with jacket, pants and cap in the ACU camouflage pattern.
- a warm weather jacket, a cold weather jacket, pants, vest, 3 different pouches cap and helmet in the camouflage patterns listed below.
- boots in a brown and a black version
- goggles

The uniforms, caps and boots have normal maps applied to get a even higher detail in the rendering.

For the Woodland , Desert and Urban patterns there are two versions of the jackets included, on with the flag indicating the nationality and one without.

All materials are sorted in material libraries, so it is easy to find and change them.

Camouflage patterns:

available for all uniform parts except the ACU uniform:
Woodland US, UK, Germany, Russia Desert US, UK, Germany, Russia Urban US, Russia

available for the ACU uniform, the vest, the pouches and the helmet:
ACU current camouflage pattern of the US army

Polycount Character:
16930 at Turbosmooth level 0

Polycount Cloth:
77013 at Turbosmooth level 0

Color Map Resolution:
8000 x 8000 for Head, Body, Hands and Feet
2048 x 2048 for eye lashes
1024 x 1024 for eyes

Displacement Map Resolution:
8192 x 8192

Bump Map Resolution:
2048 x 2048 for Head, Body, Hands and Feet

Camouflage Pattern Resolution:
4096 x 4096 for each pattern

If you have any questions about the object contact us under support@behr-bros.de