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Bay Horse 3D Model A bay horse ranges in color from light through to a darker chestnut and has a much darker colored mane and lower legs.


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Nov 21, 2009 / Nov 21, 2009


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horse, mare, stallion, gelding, pony, bay, max, obj, 3ds, low, poly, bronco, chestnut, saddle, bridle

Materials: yes
Textures: yes
Animated: no
Rigged: no
Includes Normal Map: yes
Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 2090
Vertices: 2115
Detail Level: high
Avg Texture Res: 4k


3D Studio (.3ds), 3ds Max (.max) - v2008, OBJ (.obj)

Three versions of the model have been created.

One without the saddle and bridle, one with the bridle only and one with bridle and saddle. All three versions of the horse have been created as a single mesh for simpler animation. Only the eyes have been created separately.

The basic max version without subdivision is made up of 2090 vertices and 2090 polygons. The obj and 3ds versions of the basic horse have 2090 vertices and 4144 polygons.

With the saddle and bridle the max version has 4261 vertices and 4490 polygons before subdivision.

With saddle and bridle the obj and 3ds versions have 4261 vertices and 8540 polygons.

The models come with 2048px by 2048px diffuse, bump and gloss maps. There is also a 512px by 512px diffuse map for the eye.

The attached images contain examples of images rendered with, and without subdivision.

The model use 2048px X 2048px bitmaps for diffuse, bump and gloss textures.

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