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3d Cartoon character BUNDLE PACK!


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Sep 20, 2009 / Sep 20, 2009


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puppet, character, cartoon, doll, animal, pet, teddy, teddybear, mole, rodent, mouse, dog, cat, bear, creature, frog, monster, funny, nice, toy, science, bundle

Materials: yes
Textures: yes
Animated: yes
Rigged: no
Includes Normal Map: no
Geometry: Polygonal


3ds Max (.max) - v8

In a single package, with a lower price than buying the 3 assets separated:
instead of 154,97 $ YOU PAY 114,99 $, SAVE 39,98 $.

THREE ready-to-animate and ready-to-render CARTOON-LIKE CHARACTERS

Teddy Bear

High detailed and fully customizable teddy bear model. High-res fur textures (no plugin needed) and body-rigged (on both maya and 3dmax versions), ready to be animated! Customizable detail level and polygon count via MeshSmooth modifer (smooth for Maya version).
The bow-tie is provided with Flex modifier (Jiggle, for Maya version) applied for subtle shakeing effect when the head moves.

The head is a separated object to allow easy facial expression setup via morpher modifier (feature not included)
(Vertices:1000 Faces:1000)
The Mole

Nice cartoon mole character. Fully rigged and textured, ready for animation. The mouth is rigged for animated vocal and facial expressions. Bone for every hand finger. Customizable detail via meshsmoot and construction history.
(Vertices:7000 Faces:8000)

High detailed and fully customizable cartoon character model. Full basic body and facial rigging! Ready to be animated!
Customizable detail level via Meshsmooth modifier. Eyes are controlled by a dummy that makes look-at animations a breeze! Textures included.
(Vertices: 2600 Faces:4100)
Basic light and enviroment setup provided (as seen in above images)

Provided with all textures in .zip archive. 3dsMAX version 8.

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