Icon_maya-small Quadrupedrigger_rig

Quadruped Rigger -- automated rigging...

Automated rigging for four legged characters in Maya to get a solid rig for animation with a shor...

In Maya > Downloads > Scripts / Plugins > Animation

0 Reviews 2 Feature Requests 0 Bugs
Icon_maya-small Polyscatter_skyline

polyScatter -- Spread objects across ...

The script focuses on scattering objects without any unnecessary cluttering or unwanted holes.

In Maya > Downloads > Scripts / Plugins > Modeling > Misc

9 Reviews 2 Feature Requests 4 Bugs
Software_missing Mainwindow

RenderBucket 2.0.0

Batch rendering for Maya on Mac OS X

In Downloads > Applications > Render Managers

3 Reviews 1 Feature Request 0 Bugs
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