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Apr 23, 2008 / Mar 30, 2009


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linux, mac, windows




4.x, 2.x, 3.x


beauty, glow, soften, stylize, look, filter, grading

Based on Feng-Guo Tangs (http://www.go2tang.com) beautiful glow method, this little macro gives an image a soft and elegant glow. No burned highlights, no smudged depths. You have controls for the high and low values. Theres also an option to tint the image to give the whole thing a bit of warm or stylized look. In case of close ups, you have an input for a vignette or shape to bring back the sharpness to the eyes. FengGlow is production prove and renders really fast. With version 1.0.0. you have even more controls to grade your images. The best thing is, its really fun to play with the values...

For all you switchers, the Nuke version is here:
FengGlow for Nuke

Here some examples graded with FengGlow:


There could be problems with the lowColor value when updating to v1.0.0 (It multiplys the blue value with 10).
The 0.9 version ist still available from my website http://drago-design.com/compositing/macros.html


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